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College-Level Examination Program

The College-Level Examination Program® (CLEP) offers 33 exams in five subject areas, covering material taught in courses that you may generally take in your first two years of college. Most CLEP exams are designed to correspond to one-semester courses, although some correspond to full-year or two-year courses. Exams are approximately 90 minutes long,.

  1. Step 1… Find out your college’s CLEP policy go to for help

  2. Step 2…Decide which exam to take

Students, parents, teachers/community members are invited to make an appointment to test. Tests are available for students for a fee of $80.00 (choosing a weekend or late in the day exam time may result in an additional fee of $20.00). The fee for non-CCSD students is $100.00.

Please go to the website listed above for further information and contact the Counseling Office at 423-2181 (227) to request to schedule an exam time.