Over the entire month of April, we are asking that you bring or email pictures of your military family members' pictures.  If you bring me pictures, I can color copy the originals and give them back to you. Over Spring Break, we will be placing US Flags in every hallway.  The color copies will be cut into stars and placed on the stars on the flag.  We will be having a competition to see which hallway can cover the most stars.  The hallway with the military stars covering their flag will win a treat!


In the military, medals are earned for a variety of reasons such as bravery and skill.  Create and design a medal that you think military students would earn.  Military students, on average, move every two to three years; have lived in different countries; and sometimes cannot see their military family members for over eight months at a time or longer; most military bound students; traveled/lived in different Europe, Asia, etc.; have family members who have joined a specific branch of the military; have family members who have served in Middle East (possibilities are endless).  Have a discussion in your advisory room and ask questions.  Find a commonality and create a medal.  Your medal should be at least 8 1/2" x 11" and in full color and detail.  Have someone in your advisory write about what the medal represents and how it could be earned.  Post these medals on your door.  Military students will vote on the winner.  Winner will receive a treat!