Graduation Requirements
Graduation Requirements are Changing!

The Class of 2021 no longer needs to "Opt Out" of 4th year Math or 3rd year science credits.

Class of 2022 will be required to have 2 Flex Credits with a Standard Diploma.

The Advanced Diploma and Honors Diploma will no longer be options after the Class of 2022.

Econ (0.5 credit) will be required for ALL Diplomas beginning with the Class of 2023. Government will become 0.5 credit (a semester). AP Government will remain a full year.

Personal Finance (0.5 credit) will be required for Class of 2023.

Testing Requirement

All students must take the ACTs with Writing in order to graduate.

Honor School Diploma

The Honors School Diploma is available to students who began high school prior to August 2019.

Core Credit Requirements:

4 English 4 Math (including Algebra II) 3 Science 2 PE/ROTC 1 Government 1 US History 1 World History 1 Arts/Humanities/CTE 0.5 Health 0.5 Computers 6 Electives

24 Credits Total

Students must have an overall GPA of 4.0 minimum for all coursework. This includes coursework not submitted as part of Honors School requirement.

Students must be of the highest character. If s/he has violated behavior standards, their application will be denied.

Students must have earned a minimum of 3 credits in Advanced Placement (AP) courses. These have added GPA value.

Dual credit college classes, independent study, and online courses do not receive added GPA value.

Only classes with the letter grades "A," "B," or "C" will be counted toward the 24 credits submitted.